Avtur - aviation kerosene - emission factor

Avtur (Aviation kerosene)  produces 2.561 kilogrammes of CO2-equivalent gases per litre when used in a jet engine turbine says the Australian Government (see below)

The official UK conversion factor is slightly less: 2.518 kgs CO2-e per litre, or 3.128 kgs per kg of fuel.

The Australian government National Greenhouse Account give emission factors for various fuels when used in transport in Table 4 –   Aviation kerosene emits 2.561 kilogrammes of CO2-e per litre in the three combustion products they mention:

kilo litres energy content     (GJ/kL) CO2 CH4 N2O
36.8 68.9 0.01 0.7

to get the mass of each combustion product, you multiply the factor by the energy content… 2.53552 + 0.000368 + 0.02576 = 2.5616 kgs per litre

Comparative emission factors:

petrol   2.315  kg CO2-e per litre
avtur    2.561
diesel   2.630

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